Optimized OEM 1.75mm PA Nylon filament for 3d printing with Rohs certification


    1. Ifun Nylon filament is designed to fit with a wide variety of 3D printers better with thermostat and enclosures. And it is suitable for industrial models, art, crafts, Adornments, etc.
    2. High adhesion between layers, Low shrinkage and excellent dimensional stability.
    3. Lower percentage of contraction and be protected well of wear resistance and good resistance to oil, weak acid and alkali.
    4. Excellent physical property, the water absorption is lower than PA6,When it is printed in 230~250°C, it has excellent adhesive force, lower percentage of contraction and not easy warping and cracking. The heat distortion temperature(0.45MPa) can be up to 120°C.
    5. Easy to print, no curls.
    6. Good toughness.
    7. Tolerance: +/- 0.03mm.
    8. Quality Certificates: ROHS, ISO9001